In the Human Rights series, I used the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and I illustrated my opinions about these articles in two ways. I tried to support the ideas and humanistic values that were mentioned in the articles and in addition, I tried to represent a lack of essential rights in the word. Lino-cut was the method I used to express my ideas. I believe the handmade print methods like lino-cut carry metaphors of broadcasting and in the Human Rights case, I felt there was a need broadcasting these humanistic values. In addition, the process of creating lino-cuts invokes physically operation of cutting out the lino with sharp tools; this I feel is a metaphor for violent acts on the people. Humanistic values are difficult to achieve, so I have chosen a difficult process to create my images to represent this. The intensity of the situation is also dramatised by the use of black ink on non-acid free papers. These combinations represent the primitive basic artwork, which are very close to these issues of basic human rights.