During my time in Australia I have developed a much broader awareness of the social injustices and human rights atrocities experienced by communities all over the world. As a consequence to this, the scale of my work has increased to a larger format in an effort to communicate metaphorically the significance of the situation.

This second body of work that I created in Australia I have called Blindness in reference to the absence of knowledge. In this series I have relied more heavily on stereotypes than in my previous works. Here I have used the European visual codes as to explain the stories, which originally came from Middle Eastern countries. This was done in an effort to show the universality of the issues. Generally speaking, in this series I try to communicate the harmful stories/situations, which I have experienced first hand or which have been told to me by those who have experienced such hardships.

The methodology of this series is again pen and ink, the same as in the previous series, however the shift in size to large format has generated a more intense and detailed execution of the work. The Blindness series have been created in 500mm by 700mm format and drawn with the 0.1mm ink pen. The difficulties of creating such a line intensive image metaphorically references the harmful situations of people who suffered from dictatorship, war, and displacement and general lack of human rights.