In the Chess project, I have used the chess pieces to attempt to explain my society. I used the stereotype of king, soldier, and castle to explain the power cartels. In this series, the audience sees a number of objects, which carry the same meaning in the global community. These objects show the classes of society and the hunger for power between ordinary people and the dominant forces. In this series, I have tried to show the situation as a reporter or witness rather than offering a solution to the problem. In the Chess series, all objects are gray hence the audience cannot distinguish between good (white) and evil (black).

The methodology I have used to create these works is cross-hatching, which creates a high contrast in black and white. This was used to reinforce the aggression behind social injustice. The narrow and short lines show the slow and painful process in creating and reflecting the savage disposition of real life. These extreme black and white elements helped me to present a body of works without any personal judgment.